Rose Broome

Co-founder & CEO


Rose is the co-founder and CEO of HandUp, In 2014, HandUp was named Fast Company’s Most Innovative Startup of the Day and Rose was listed in the Top People in Tech by Business Insider. Previously, Rose served as COO at SuperBetter Labs and as a Data Manager for Obama's 2008 presidential campaign.

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HandUp lets you donate directly to specific homeless people and neighbors in need via personalized web profiles. 100% of donations go toward basic needs like medical care, employment, and housing expenses redeemed through trusted nonprofit partners. HandUp creates a technology platform for those in need to share their personal story and build a wider network of support through a community of donors. Based in San Francisco, HandUp has 13 nonprofit partners across 5 metro areas in the US from the San Francisco Bay Area to Detroit, Oregon and Washington State. HandUp is a for-profit benefit corporation focused on leveraging the power of technology and human relationships to alleviate urban poverty.

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