Prashant Mehra


I Got Garbage

Prashant is a Social Intrapreneur at Mindtree, working in the area of Livelihood. His chosen vehicles for change are waste management, small farmer agriculture, and community inclusion towards problem solving.

He is presently building an IT platform to support micro-businesses and social enterprises in the aforementioned areas, as well as helping to incubate businesses in these areas.

In his prior 20 years of industry experience he has extensively worked in the areas of strategy consulting, product engineering, and built large scale software platforms in finance and travel. In his last role, he headed Mindtree's Consulting business in UK & Europe.


I Got Garbage is a Bangalore-based initiative that creates new solutions for waste management in India. Its mission is to integrate rag-pickers into the city’s waste management system by making them professional service providers. Rag-pickers, who would otherwise survive from scavenging and selling recyclables from garbage heaps, are invited to take on a leadership role in the city’s waste collection. I Got Garbage uses Cloud andmobile technology to create an innovative waste management system between users and former ragpickers.

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