Nick Clark

Environment Editor

Al Jazeera English

Nick is the Environment Editor at Al Jazeera English in Doha, Qatar. An award-winning journalist, Nick won a prestigious Fellowship at MIT and Harvard in 2013/2014 where he studied the impacts of climate change on terrestrial and marine eco-systems.

Nick has reported on issues as diverse as the shark fin trade, the conflict between wolf and man in remote parts of Finland and the plight of gorillas in Uganda. He’s travelled to Arctic regions for Al Jazeera several times and reported on the retreating ice sheet from Illulissat in Greenland in 2012.

This year has seen Nick filing reports from the Russian Far East where he filmed the endangered Siberian Tiger in the wild and also from Cuba, on rising sea levels and innovative agriculture.

His list of one on one interviews ranges from Presidential - Brazil’s Ignacio Lula da Silva and most recently Salva Kir of South Sudan, to political - the Foreign Ministers of Iran and Mexico, to detainees of the International Criminal Court including Jean Pierre Bemba.

Nick is a frequent moderator at conferences particularly on the issue of climate change and has interviewed many of the major players in the ongoing UN negotiating process.

Previously Nick has worked for both ITN and the BBC, picking up a Royal Television Society award for Best Documentary, which he produced and presented, in 2004.