Nadiem Makarim



Nadiem Makarim is the founder of GO-JEK, which he began in August of 2010 and formally launched in February of 2011.

Nadiem holds a BA from Brown University (2006) and an MBA from Harvard Business School. He previously worked as a management consultant for McKinsey & Company for three years, before pursuing the GO-JEK project full-time.


GO-JEK is a social enterprise that brings together experienced and trustworthy ojek (motorcycle taxi) drivers to deliver a one-stop convenience service for Jakartans. GO-JEK was built upon the belief that the ojek industry is an increasingly relevant transport mode in the congested city of Jakarta. By professionalizing ojeks in Jakarta, GO-JEK aims to improve their welfare and status while providing Jakartans with a practical and fast convenience service. Drivers can be booked and tracked through a mobile app. Services include picking up commuters, delivering items and even running shopping errands.

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