Li Tie

Director General

China Center for Urban Development

Li Tie is Research Fellow, Doctoral Advisor and the receiver of the State Council Special Expert Allowance. Previously, He has worked for the Rural Policy Research Office of the CPC Central Committee, Rural Development Research Centre of the State Council, Development Research Center of the State Council, the State Commission for Economic Restructuring and the State Commission for Structural Reform.

Dr. Li has been involved in drafting and formulating policy documents on urbanization such as National Urbanization Planning for the Central Government and the State Council, and conducted key research projects in such fields as China's urbanization strategy, planning for promoting healthy urban growth, and rural migration in urbanization. He also led dozens of international projects in cooperation with the United Nations Development Program, the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, the Ford Foundation, the World Economic Forum, the EU Commission and other international organizations.

His main works include Urbanization: A Comprehensive and Profound Social Transformation, Cities: My Personal Perspective. He is also the chief editor of Urbanization and Social Transformation Series.