Emily Brooke

CEO & Founder


Physicist - cyclist - Designer - entrepreneur.  Emily began reading Physics at Oxford University but left to pursue Design in Brighton and Milan, before winning an entrepreneurial scholarship in America.  At university, Emily created a radical innovation set to drastically improve cyclists’ safety and started her own company Blaze to make it a reality.

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Blaze creates beautiful and innovative products for urban cyclists. Its flagship product, the Laserlight, is a revolutionary device tackling the most common cause of cyclist fatality – being caught in the blind spot, or a vehicle turning across an unseen bike. The Laserlight is a front light, required by law, which also incorporates a green laser that projects the symbol of a bike down onto the road ahead. This alerts drivers ahead that there is a cyclist in their blind spot. Following a successful fundraising campaign, Blaze has a team in East London with manufacturing in Shenzen, China. The Laserlight is shipping around the world to 49 different countries and is the first in a range of products for urban cyclists from Blaze.

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