A Jakarta, les motos taxi version Uber font mouche

L’application pour smartphone Go-Jek, qui sur le modèle d’Uber offre des services de taxi en motocyclette à Jakarta [...]

Muhammad Yunus Interview at the New Cities Summit

Muhammad Yunus sat down with Bloomberg TV Indonesia to discuss his New Cities Summit keynote: Redesign Economics to Redesign the World in Jakarta 9-11 June [...]

John Rossant New Cities Foundation chair on urbanization and the importance of Jakarta on a global scale

John Rossant, the Chairman of New Cities Foundation, came to Jakarta in June especially to discuss the rise of cities and our future in the annual New Cities Summit [...]

Kampung road app wins competition

The 2015 New Cities Summit wrapped up with an announcement of the winners of the Jakarta Urban Challenge [...]

Jakarta's ill-famed traffic grief to residents but boon for some

Jakarta's glaring inefficiencies have also created opportunities for Makarim, who has launched a smartphone app that lets users summon a motorbike rider to weave them quickly through gridlocked traffic [...]

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